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Troubleshooting Guide

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Manual Transmissions

  • Installing a Clutch
    Installing a Clutch

    Installing a clutch, important points when doing a clutch replacement. Check the model, year and engine to order the correct kit.

  • Basic Operation
    Basic Operation

    Specialists in the transmission of engine torque to the transmission EXEDY has the mission to provide quality and performance parts and clutch system operation.

  • Choosing an Sport Clutch
    Choosing an Sport Clutch

    EXEDY is sponsor of performance vehicles for Rally, Difting and Drag. Offering Clutches for different levels of preparation.

  • Racing Clutches
    Racing Clutches

    EXEDY Racing Clutches transmit the full torque transmission, completely redesigned to be compact and lightweight.

  • Explanantion of Disc Springs
    Explanantion of Disc Springs

    Fluctuations produced by the engine working, the unbalance in the crankshaft and engine revolutions per minute are the main cause of these fluctuations which are absorbed by the disc springs.

Automatic Transmissions

Choosing an Sport Clutch