Previously known as DAIKIN, we (EXEDY) are the largest independent provider of OEM. We work with the most important Japanese car makers, also with American makers as Ford and GM in USA.

We have positioned ourselves as the leading manufacturer of competition clutches in Japan and we supply the competition teams on the 6 industries of racing vehicles. Unlike other brands, our clutches are not rebuilt equipment but modified original clutches.

Our high performance and competitive racing clutches are strictly designed and built under the strictest standards of OEM products. The innovation of patented products worldwide, are developed in the EXEDY consortium, through design systems, inspection and advanced test equipment.

Before a design enters the production stage, they undergo rigorous tests that simulate the most extreme conditions of handling, all to ensure a perfect performance of the vehicle. In addition to this, no part leaves the premises without undergoing a detailed robotic and visual inspection, which guarantees the quality that supports your vehicle.